The resources below merge public datasets and our study data to visually present and analyze information. There are four main data resource categories.

The metadata provides a high level view of the data that Chapa has collected since 2015. Civic data briefs present critical data about trends and hotspots (such as informal rental in Heliópolis). The ComuniDADOS tool visualizes a comparative dataset that is structured around blocks and núcleos (community defined zones) in the Heliópolis and São Francisco settlements. The Civic maps are interactive visualizations of singular-variable networks (such as the distribution of redevelopment / upgrading projects in the city of São Paulo).


  • What data has Chapa collected?


  • Rental housing in the Heliopolis and São Francisco communities.
  • Informal settlements in São Paulo: know the difference


  • Access the NSF study data below, and select the tab to the left to aggregate by block or núcleo, and to the right by (select) variable.


  • NSF project summary “Constructing Empirical Public Decision-Making: The Application of Situated Data to Development in Consolidated Informal Settlements”

“People from informal settlements have the data to help governments improve their planning. So let us have the space to show our expertise.“ – Rose Molokoane, Slum Dwellers International, speaking at UN-Habitat III.